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The blast caught Orion in the chest, sending him flying, head over heels; his body spasmed uncontrollably. His tail flailed reflexively, slamming hard into a nearby wall as he went down. The cypherus barked out a laugh, electricity sparking like fireworks in the air around him.  Time seemed to stop.

Bile welled up in his throat; he stood watching his partner hit the ground. The fur on his body stood up.  The static in the air make Baron’s muscles tense and relax uncontrollably. The cypherus turned, her claws digging in the dirt as she turned to face him down. Baron steeled himself and, taking a deep breath, he charged.

The cypherus let out a roar and did the same, the electricity surrounding her like a shield.

Baron dropped to his knee at the last second and braced himself.  He held his remaining sickle-like blade upside down in front of him.  She did not stop, aiming to electrocute the him to death.  The blade caught her at the hip and, with every muscle screaming and spasming as the electricity surged through them, he dragged the blade up.

Claws met his shoulders as the cypherus grabbed him, trying to stop him. The electricity dissipated and she held on, unaware she was already dead. He released the blade and she slid sideways to the ground, Baron heaving as he stood over her. His blood tasted sharp in his mouth, a loosened tooth finally dislodging. He spit between his feet and turned to drag himself towards Orion.

There had been plenty of fights he’d lost. Every single one left him aching and sore, but his mind and heart hardened to win the next one. He landed on his knees in front of the large grey grem2, his palms stinging as they smacked the dirt.

“Ori?” he whispered, his voice cracking slightly, “Ori, you.. You still there?”

No response. Baron ran a hand over his face, pushing the hood back. It was too hot, everything felt hot as he reached out with trembling hands to grab his companion. He was heavier than Baron, but still he pulled him into his arms, holding him tight. He buried his face into the fur around Orion’s neck.

Death was not an enemy of Baron’s. It had always been his constant companion, his ever looming reality. Someday, he would die, as his friends had died, as his birds would die, as his enemies died. And yet, as he sat over Orion, he cursed it, the ever hungry beast that took without a care. It did not care whom he loved, nor what he desired, only to feed its hungry stomach.

Sometimes, no matter how much you fed a beast, it would still bite your hand.

Years ago, if someone had said Baron would ever be afraid to lose someone again he’d have laughed. Now he fought back tears as he squeezed the grem2 in his arms, hugging him as tight as possible. Don’t go, he wanted to beg, don’t leave me behind. No one would be there to force him to take baths, no one would drag him to loud bars and make eyes at him across the room, no one would spend time with his birds the way Orion always did.

He choked back a sob and squeezed Orion tighter.

“You crying over little old me? Verga, gracias, ojerón,” Orion mumbled, his lips curling.

Without ceremony, Baron dropped him instantly. He grabbed his hood and pulled it over his head to hide his eyes, “You absolute ass. I thought you’d died!”

The noise that escaped Orion when he hit the ground was the least flattering sound he had ever made. He laid still for a few moments, watching Baron attempt to collect himself, before he lifted himself up on one elbow. He reached out gently, his fingers shaking slightly from the pain of moving and cupped Baron’s cheek gently.

"Ya, ojerón, estoy bien. No te pongas mal."

“I hate when you speak Spanish, Orion, I can’t understand you,” Baron mumbled, leaning his face into Orion’s hand.

“Mmm, I know.” he said softly, watching Baron, “She didn’t hurt me too bad. I’m tougher than a couple thousand volts to my chest.”

“Now I’ll never get any quiet, I suppose..” Baron lifted his eyes to look at Orion.

Orion’s hand reached up and grabbed the back of Baron’s neck, pulling him close until their foreheads bumped gently and all they could do was chuckle.
Baron's worst fear would be to lose his only friend and his lover. I'm not sure I'm totally happy with this, but it is the better of the two.

That said, I loved this month's prompts, they were fantastic.

BarbequeVirizion Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
CONGRATS ON THE BIG WIN! Oh my goodness, I'm so HAPPY for you! This piece here is just so beautifully expressive, you really do give the best personality to your writing! And eek, is that your cypherus babe in there..? 'o' But oh golly, if anyone deserves a win it's you. I'm honestly ecstatic! I think I've gotta draw your gremmies for ya, hehe! Please have a wonderful day, you deserve a break after all of the hard work! Now go enjoy the new sweetie, I can't wait to see them! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
SmoothYams Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Aw thank you so much you're so kind!! And no, I actually ended up trading the cypherus for a fighter (the one in Third Strike), so this guy is just a unknown prey for Baron and Orion c: Thank you again, this always makes me so happy to get comments on my writing
BarbequeVirizion Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, okay! Still, wonderful job! I'm so glad I can bring a wonderful person like yourself some joy. <3
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